The look as I walk bye, the sweet hello that fills my heart, the stares you give when you're near bye, you keep my heart smiling , as we stare in each other's eyes! Hiding in the we shouldn't, but enjoyed pretending that we couldn't! The hidden memories that we shall never share, but with a smile we agreed we wouldn't! 

Let go

I can't seem to let go of all that I know, so hard to breathe, even though it's been a couple hundred days, so many words we once shared lost between way back when and in the now. The confusion of not knowing as to why that one day you left me and never came back around. I believed with my all you were not like the rest and now today you weren't any different from all the others who pretended to once be the best.


Since you, I still and will always love you! Without you I get bye through and through . So long has past since I've had you , days became clearer, my once lost smile has gotten bigger. I try not to think of you , I don't understand why I can't forget about you! Just today I passed you, and realized I have to live with you, and the broken pieces that still remain!

I know

You are the one , I know and feel it from my head to my toes, just to hear your name see your name is all I need to feel complete throughout my day! You know as well as I do you feel the same! But if we begin what we once had it will not end the same! What I feel for you I have no idea why it keeps getting stronger each and every day! To not see you to not speak to you it's so mind boggling everyday all day! If you feel the same, you know where I hide each and everyday!

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Your words!

How you and those couple of words, make me smile, make me feel!