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Sunday, September 28, 2014

About Me: A second chance

About Me: A second chance: A second chance for love a love I didn't know existed , the long deep breaths with the thought of you, the impatience of wanting to see ...

A second chance

A second chance for love a love I didn't know existed , the long deep breaths with the thought of you, the impatience of wanting to see you, your words that come from your heart, the gentleness of you. I have so much to say so much I feel but the loss of words , so many emotions that want to come out all at once not being able to word, say or let you know just how I feel . I want to feel loved I want to know what true love is, I want a simple life no riches no money or material things! With you I get all and feel all! I give you my love, my trust, my everything, I give you me!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good bye

I passed you by as tears filled my eyes with the thought as of why didn't we ever just say our goodbyes, I felt such sadness with that hurting way deep down inside. Hoping and praying  it soon will end! That quick look in each other's eyes, as we passed each others side with that deep breath of our last good byes, Never thought I would actually feel that smile as I walked on by!

My heart

Do you listen to what your heart says or what your mind tells ya too! You think its about you but its about another! The similar hearts , our simple small town hearts, the love we give the helping hand we always lend! The connection we share the same values we share, nothing in life will ever compare.  To you my dear I hold so very near!  So many things I want you to hear i want you to know,  so many feelings that I would like to share but never enough time while you are near! You don't even know how special you are or what an amazing man you are! How lucky I am to know I have you here.

About Me: Do you know

About Me: Do you know: The little things you do, the little look you give , do you know about the little smiles you bring? The nights accompanied of little breathe...

About Me: About Me: Why

About Me: About Me: Why: About Me: Why : That feeling of knowing you, so weird! The unexplained connection between you and I ! The instant look in each other's e...

What if

What if I would've never left
What if you would've said to stay
I know I wouldn't of never cried
I know we would've tried
So much love to share
So much love we once shared
I know you still care
Life just isn't fair
It's so nice to hear from you
What can I do to always keep you near

So many smiles to exchange
The world is so cruel without you by by my side
I still ask myself why did I leave
I would've been the happiest by your side
Can't go back, but the what if's still remain
You're love and memory will always remain tucked away, in my saddened heart !